A website provides information about an organization in most cases while individuals may also have their personal websites. The “About Us” page on this website aims at gathering information about Audio and Video products. The page is also comprised of articles about external data storage devices.

Basically, the “About us” page on this website is comprised of vital information about the company and the nature of its business. The visitors to the page quickly want to grasp the basic information about the operations of the company which may include the products it offers to the clients such as external data storage devices. The other important information that is found on this page pertains to the year the company was established as well as the number of workers currently employed. This information is important to the visitors since it gives them a clear picture of the organization.

Since this website is about audio and video products offered by the company, the main issue that is taken into account when designing this page is that it should be attractive since it directs the visitors to the rest of the website. It is widely believed that first impressions make lasting impressions hence the need to make sure that the about page of the company looks nice and appeals to the interests of the visitors. The information found on this particular page is brief and the visitors can quickly grasp the idea about products offered by the company. The internet is full of content about similar subjects hence the need to sort it in such a way that it can be quickly accessed.